Very dreadful expressions are also by draymen and others in addressing their horses. What can possibly induce a human being to say “Gee woot!” “‘Mather way!” or “Woa!” not to mention the atrocious “Kim aup!” of the ignorant and degraded costermonger.

I’m reading Percival Leigh’s The Comic English Grammar: a new and facetious introduction to the English tongue, which is part of the Emory University Library‘s yellowback novels (via). Also in that collection: some probably really wretched and/or hilarious (“probably” because I haven’t read them yet) romance novels like The fossicker a romance of Mashonaland, Hard cash a matter-of-fact romance, The backwoods’ bride a romance of squatter life, Mrs. Crichton’s creditor a novel and my absolute favourite title The penny wedding a romance of love and war, wasted affections, empty physic bottles, and unpaid school bills. And the more well-known The Moonstone and Ingenue. All of which I’m going to have to read. I’m not sure I can express the level of glee with which I am browsing this database. And I had no idea that Benjamin Disraeli wrote romance novels! Huh.

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