Joanne Merriam is the Publisher at Upper Rubber Boot Books, a former editor of Seven by Twenty, and a science fiction writer and poet.

She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1973. A graduate in English and Mathematics from Dalhousie University, she has worked as an oil and gas lease and title administrator, courier dispatcher, telemarketer, charity fundraiser, sheet music librarian, Medicaid claim sorter, check composition specialist, disability and workers’ compensation administrator and web designer. She currently runs educational programs, social media, global medical outreach, and the lives of several surgeons, for the ENT department of a local hospital.

Drawing by Danielle Corsetto.
Drawing by Danielle Corsetto.

In 2001, she quit her job as the Executive Assistant of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia to travel Canada by train, and then parts of the Northeastern and Southern United States. Her first book of poetry, The Glaze from Breaking (Stride, 2005; Upper Rubber Boot, 2011), was written, in part, about those travels.

In 2004, she immigrated to the USA. She has lived in Kentucky and New Hampshire, and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She became a US citizen in 2019.

Her poetry and fiction has appeared in dozens of magazines and journals, including The Antigonish Review, Asimov’s Science Fiction, The Fiddlehead, and Strange Horizons.

She can be reached at joanne -at- upperrubberboot.com.

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