My time has been basically completely subsumed by my press Upper Rubber Boot Books (website; FB; Tumblr; Twitter) and hiking. I expect it’ll be awhile before I update again since I only think to do so when I get something published, and I haven’t been writing let alone submitting, because of URB keeping me so busy.

For fun, here are some photos from my life for the past year.




Hard-to-see Canada geese at
Old Stone Fort Archeological State Park, May 2014.




Me with Ben from Said the Whale
at Mercy Lounge, May 2014.




Author Roundtable at Hypericon, June 2014.




Me with my folks, in Eastern Pasage,
Nova Scotia, July 2014.




Baby kangaroo in my arms,
North Georgia Zoo, July 2014.




With my friend Anne in front
of the Step Falls (Little Duck River),
Old Stone Fort Archeological State Park,
November 2014.




White-tailed deer,
Percy Priest Lake,
Long Hunter State Park, November 2014.


Leaves on the Shelby Bottoms Greenway, November 2014.


November leaves on the
Shelby Bottoms Greenway.



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