This year I’m not doing it. I’ll still be posting a daily poem and prompt like I’ve done in years past, but I’m too busy getting Upper Rubber Boot Books off the ground to write a poem every day. URB will be publishing ebooks of poetry, short story collections, and novels, both new and out-of-print. I’m hoping to launch with a fall 2011 catalogue, and have a few projects in mind which haven’t matured enough yet to discuss. I’m also going to reprint my 2005 collection The Glaze from Breaking, and an anthology of selections from my online journal Seven by Twenty. I’ll start taking general submissions at some point over the summer, but if you’re interested and we already have a professional relationship (e.g. I’ve published you before, or we worked together at WFNS, or we’ve workshopped together, or you’re on the P&W Speakeasy, or whathaveyou—likely if you’re reading this you know me, since I don’t think this blog has a wider audience) then please feel free to shoot me an email at

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