I know it might sound strange but I believe you’ll be coming back before too long

I’m back at Rockvale! Alan and Diana got me my first visit here, last February, as a Christmas gift last year, and I came back in September and then again this week. I have gone from being a person who never went to writers’ retreats to going three times in one year, which boggles my mind, but this place is so affordable (especially since I don’t have to price in a flight) and really excellently conducive to productivity. It’s my first night. I had one bobble: I had packed the wrong charger and arrived and was like I can’t charge my laptop should I just die right now but luckily Dave was willing to drive my charger out to me. Hopefully that’s not a harbinger of things to come.

My goal for the week is to really and truly finish the first draft of my novel—which is almost done already, but has a few underwritten scenes, and, since it jumps around between three alternate universes and I’ve been writing it out of order, I had completely lost track of what season my characters were in, so my first task is to make a timeline so I can correct any continuity errors and fill in all of my [description here]s.

Lyric from R.E.M.’s “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville” which of course I always get stuck in my head here.

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