We have three rabbits, all girls: Her Royal Majesty the Queen (more usually known as Queenie), Annyong, and Scrambles the Deathbringer. Queenie is a mild-mannered small brown bunny, and Annyong is a much bigger white and black bunny. They love each other, and are always grooming each other and lying together nuzzling each other and so forth. It’s adorable.

The bunnies are all completely terrified of the vacuum cleaner. They make themselves small; they show the whites of their eyes; they tremble. Annyong is the least scared of the vacuum cleaner and will sometimes come over to smell it, and run away again immediately afterward.

So last week she took it into her head to protect Queenie from the vacuum cleaner. I put the nozzle into their pen and started sucking up the poops, and Queenie immediately hopped to the farthest corner and started shivering. Annyong ran at the vacuum cleaner and tried to bite it. Since it’s round and metal, that didn’t work out too well, so then she put her head under it and flipped it upwards as hard as she could. (Had I not been holding it, it would probably have been flipped out of their pen.) This went on for the whole rest of the time I was vacuuming, and then when I shut it off she ran back to Queenie and they started frantically grooming each other, as if they were going, “that was scary wasn’t it” and “oh my God you were so brave.”

I mentioned the bunny attack on my twitter and got a reply from a user (well, obviously a bot) named annyong_bluth saying, “Annyong.” Take a look at their twitter feed and have a laugh.

Edited to add a picture of them above on another occasion entirely, in the future.

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