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not really haiku, but fun

Their backs stubbornly
faced the danger, and then were
swallowed up by it.

Frank was a good man.
She had no reason to be
unhappy with him.

They watch her struggle
to stay awake, the dolls gripped
tightly in each hand.

I just look at her.
The moonlight slides over her
face like a slow tide.

– Collaborations between my work and Haiku Finder (via).

My chapbook Edgewise contains some more deliberate haiku (and other poems, and microfiction) and is still available for pre-order.

high into the climate controlled air

Variations on Pablo Neruda” appeared in Umbrella, and “Bodies Make Poor Lenses” and “Vertigo” in Astropoetica.

Also, here are some word clouds I created using Wordle, from some of my short stories and poems:

Purple Hippopotamus…
The Rainy Season
Little Ambushes
The Ghost Road
The Dollhouse

I particularly like the one for “Little Ambushes” because Mark is stuck off in a corner without much around him, while the two main characters are all intertwined, which just matches the story so perfectly.

He left the people for last, and ran out of time, so they looked rougher than everything around them.

In the past couple of months, I’ve had a few new publications: two poems – “Last Will and Testament” in Chiaroscuro and “The Undead in Hospital” in Alba – and a short story – “The Dollhouse” in Stirring. Hope you enjoy them.