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high into the climate controlled air

Variations on Pablo Neruda” appeared in Umbrella, and “Bodies Make Poor Lenses” and “Vertigo” in Astropoetica.

Also, here are some word clouds I created using Wordle, from some of my short stories and poems:

Purple Hippopotamus…
The Rainy Season
Little Ambushes
The Ghost Road
The Dollhouse

I particularly like the one for “Little Ambushes” because Mark is stuck off in a corner without much around him, while the two main characters are all intertwined, which just matches the story so perfectly.

the going-to-seed

I tried to set up some sort of feed for this page so I could update it a bit more automagically, but couldn’t figure it out. Sorry about the long silence, not that I imagine anybody is checking here daily all agog for news. Recent publications:

“The Boatman.” Edmonton, AB: On Spec (Vol. 19, No. 2, #69, Summer 2007).

“Glorybower,” “The Ghost Road” and “Long Weekend.” Concelebratory Shoehorn Review. September 1, 2007.

Footprints Drying on the Stairs.” New Hampshire Poet Showcase, From NH Poet Laureate, Pat Fargnoli. (This was in August and especially cool!)

Little Ambushes.” Strange Horizons, 20 August 2007.