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I’ve decided to publish a new chapbook of speculative poetry and microfiction at the end of February, so they’re available for sale at 2010: A Space Oddity. I plan to do a limited, numbered edition of 100, with a mix of three different covers.

I’m taking advance orders now via PayPal to joannemerriam@gmail.com (or mail a cheque or money order to Joanne Merriam, P.O. Box 41232, Nashville TN 37204 USA). Be sure to include your mailing address in your comments. The chapbook will be selling for US$5.00/Cdn$6.00 (using the SMOASP currency exchange rate) and for advance orders I’m not charging for shipping. (You can request a specific cover or specific number in the series and as long as it’s not already sold out I’ll send that.)


Edgewise will include “The Aviary” (Chiaroscuro, January-March 2008), “The Butterfly Factory” (42 Magazine, Summer 2009), “Deaths on Other Planets” (Asimov’s Science Fiction, April/May 2008 and Concelebratory Shoehorn Review, 1 February 2009), “Evolution” (Mise En Poem, 22 March 2009), “Last Will and Testament” (Chiaroscuro, January-March 2007), “Ribbons. Lightning.” (On Spec, Spring 2004 and Brain Harvest, 12 September 2009), “Spring in Rutherford County” (Dreams and Nightmares, No. 77), “Stolen Lighters” (PicFic, 17 August 2009), “Thirteen Scifaiku for Blackbirds” (Strange Horizons, 12 October 2009), “The Undead in Hospital” (Alba, January 2007), “Venusian Girls are Better” (Coyote Wild, January 2008), “Werepenguin” (Strange Horizons, 10 March 2008), “Work Requirements” (PicFic, 18 August 2009), and six untitled scifaiku (three from Scifaikuest‘s February 2010 print, February 2009 online and February 2009 print editions respectively, and three from Things Japanese in Tennessee, Duthie Learning. September 2008).

simple dreams we can believe in

Progress: Yesterday, a free verse thing, which can be salvaged into something, I think. We’ll see if that optimism survives the month. Today, the shortest poem I’ve ever written, at four words (five, if you include the title), but also possibly the best short poem I’ve ever written. (We’ll see if that optimism survives the month, too.)

Also today, two publications: “The Grave Marker” at Every Day Poets and “Cicadas” in the new print journal 42 Magazine. It’s a DIY culture meets literary high-brow meets the little magazine, sort of thing, and it’s pretty awesome. I especially liked L. J. Geoffrion’s story and Jo L. Gerrard’s poetry. Pick up a copy, and watch for their summer issue, in which I’ll be the feature poet. Sample issues are only $3.

Prompt for today: I’m going to make up one of my own, based on one described in 42 Magazine. Write a poem containing the following five words: pepperleaf; seeds; juice; amusement; woodpecker.

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