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How to Live on Other Planets and other news

Since my last update, the whirlwind has continued:

I got to spend an amazing eight days in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, two of them with my sister and four of them at a work conference (one of the doctors I admin assist was President of the national organization holding the conference – nothing at all to do with writing but a fabulous experience nonetheless).


At the Southern Festival of Books this year, I got to see Monica Drake, Chelsea Cain, and (most excitingly for me) Chuck Palahniuk. They gave us beach balls to blow up and glowsticks to insert into them, and then they turned the lights off and played the Bossanova and we all threw balls at each other. Totally what every literary reading needs.


I’m in this! The website hasn’t been updated but the Tennessee volume is out now and contains work by me, Corey Mesler, Jeff Hardin and many others.


Also, I am editing an anthology, How to Live on Other Planets: A Handbook for Aspiring Aliens; go here for the open call for reprint submissions.

Cummins Falls

Three of my poems, and some supplemental stuff, appeared at Poem of the Week this week!

Additionally, I had the opportunity to cross a bucket list item off my list. I wanted to have the experience of standing within a waterfall, so I could feel the power and excitement of the water rushing over my head and body. I love waterfalls – I’ve been spending a lot of the summer hiking, and often to waterfalls. This is where I went yesterday:

Me in the river leading up to the falls
at Cummins Falls State Park

Cummins Falls

Unlikely Entomology

My story “The Candy Aisle” is out in The Journal of Unlikely Entomology! This is a story I wrote a million years ago, probably in 2004 or 2005, and which I have tweaked several times since. It’s probably the only thing I’ve ever written where the final line was the first thing I wrote. Anyway, I’m super psyched that it’s finally found a home. You should go read it. I’ll wait.

Okay, so, now that you’re back… my other big news is that I have finally (after about two weeks of struggling with Photoshop and iMovie to create a frame-by-frame 1:41 stop-motion video which you can now go stare at in all its obviously-not-professional-but-surprisingly-decent glory) finished and osted the Kickstarter campaign for Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days, an anthology my small press is publishing next month. If the campaign is successful we’ll have a print edition as well as the ebook editions. I’m not the editor, so I can brag a little: this book is SO GOOD you guys. I am pretty excited to be involved with it.

Facial Deficits and more

The Locus Online Roundtable has been doing a very nice series of posts on speculative poetry! Mine is here: “‘Literary’ Poetry” and F. J. Bergmann gave me a shout-out in hers here—they are all worth checking out.

Further, I was interviewed on flash craft by after my face transplant story appeared in Pank Magazine. The interview is here, and they just reprinted the story yesterday: “Facial Deficits.”

No, for real, they’re free.

Today (February 25th), in honor of the anniversary of the first US electric printing press patent (by Thomas Davenport in 1837) and as a thank you to my readers and supporters, my ebooks The Glaze from Breaking and A Multitude of Daggers are available for free!

The Glaze from Breaking is a reprint of the 2005 Stride Books paperback edition. Reviews of the 2005 edition called my images “sharp and vivid” (Verse) and “both unusual and just right” (Shearsman), said my collection is “well worth seeking out for its elegant exploration of love and loss, recovery and redemption, eroticism and the echoes of the heart” (chicklit) and compared my writing to Boris Pasternak’s early work (“where the poet does not so much observe the natural world as fuse with it” – Shearsman again).

A Multitude of Daggers is a fun fantasy novella which I’ve been calling “sword-and-sorcery-and-psychologists.” It’s loosely related to my short story “The Boatman” which was published by On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic in 2007.

They’re free until around 2 a.m. my time, or midnight Pacific Standard Time, which is apparently the time zone that Amazon lives in. Who knew.

The hundred hidden chickadees

Larix laracina Anaphora” was just accepted for The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee (Texas Review Press, 2013)!

Also! My short story “Facial Deficits” just appeared in PANK 6. I’m unusually proud (some would say smug) about this story, which is about a woman who gets a face transplant. It’s not one of my speculative stories—this is a real surgery, though very few of them have been done (two, in the USA, when I was researching the story). My day job is in academic otolaryngology, and I happened to be asked to escort one of the doctors involved in the first Cleveland Clinic surgery when he was visiting our campus to give a talk, and I asked him about it (some would say grilled) and then did a ton of research at PubMed and ended up condensing all of that into maybe 300 words in the story.