Last year I bought some pre-releases and it spread out surprises through the whole year, which was pretty great. These are the ones I just bought for this year with the gift cards I was given for Christmas:

Don’t Want You Like a Best Friend, Emma R. Alba (Jan. 9); Kinning, Nisi Shawl (Jan. 23); The Book of Love, Kelly Link (Feb. 13); Blessings, Chukwuebuka Ibeh (Feb. 22); Wandering Stars, Tommy Orange (Feb. 27); Until August, Gabriel García Márquez (Mar. 12); Those Beyond the Wall, Micaiah Johnson (Mar. 12); James, Percival Everett (Mar. 19); Someone You Can Build a Nest In, John Wiswell (Apr. 2); Real Americans, Rachel Khong (Apr. 30); Archangels of Funk, Andrea Hairston (May 7); Bury Your Gays, Chuck Tingle (Jul. 9); Nicked, M. T. Anderson (Jul. 23); and A Witch’s Guide to Magical Innkeeping, Sangu Mandanna (Sept. 10).

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