I came down with Covid last weekend. I’m fine now, but have spent the week in isolation in my room, mostly lying in bed looking at the mural having thoughts about how to improve it. I spent all Friday evening and all day yesterday painting (and listening to two Agatha Christies: Lord Edgeware Dies and The Seven Dials Mystery) and the result is that the tree trunks and branches are finished! I need to finish the leaves on one tree and fix the messed up bit above the leftmost tree and populate the forest with a few more tiny creatures and add in more flowers and grass on the ground and then it’ll be done – I estimate in another six months or so. Before I got sick, I had gotten a quart of package (unpigmented) white paint which I blended half-and-half with my lightest purple to make the color for the branches and details on the trunk of the most-foregrounded tree and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.

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