We killed a wasp with a vacuum cleaner this morning.

On sober reflection, I think it was probably a cicada killer (not much danger to humans, but can sting) but I can’t be certain because I’m not sure of its coloring – it was silhouetted against the light – it could have been a yellow jacket, which was my first assumption.

It was hanging out underneath the open blinds on the window in the office where I work on my work-from-home days. My initial reaction when I saw it was “uhhhhh hell no I am not working next to that all day.” I yelled for Dave and bless him, he took on the responsibility of saving me from that wasp without me even asking. I just had to say, “there’s a WASP” with that tone in my voice that means, “please do something or I will be forced to burn this entire building to the ground.”

We have no fly swatter and the salt gun we have for killing houseflies would just annoy a wasp. While he was looking for some other implement of wasp death, I remembered that my parents use their central vac to suck up bugs all the time and went to get the vacuum cleaner. Dave took it from me and used the long hose attachment to remotely vacuum up the wasp, which probably died instantly.

Dave drew this to commemorate the occasion. I’m the bear.

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