In fairness to the aliens, Charleston Chews are ok

Alan sent a whole boxful of stuff to get digitized and amongst it was a cassette tape of an album that a couple of friends and I put together in first year uni. I had completely forgotten that we had put out (and even had played a few times on CKDU – this was before I became a dj there) such songs as “God’s On Tour” which starts with a Wayne’s World parody (“I’m your excellent host the Almighty Father, with me as always is Jesus, party on Jesus” “party on, God”). The music is terribad and the lyrics are cracking me up because I was there but are probably not funny to anybody but the three of us.

Also in the box: “The Sandwich that Ate Dartmouth High,” a “movie” with the basic plotline that common household items were actually aliens that were taking over the world by turning people into Charleston Chews. None of us were on drugs when we came up with this shit, we were just teenagers. It’s wonderful seeing how creative and young and silly we were back then.

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