George, Official ice tester of Canada

Alan: It’s a bad sign that I just went outside and walked on the snow and it didn’t break under my weight.

Me: That’s how we test ice in Canada, you know.

Alan: You send some dumb dude out to walk on it?

Me: Sure. His name is George.

Alan: You probably have to replace the guy every 6 to 8 months.

Me: About once a year.

Alan: So, the current one’s name is George.

Me: They’re all named George. We change their name when they get the job.

Alan: So it’s like an honorary title.

Me: George, Official ice tester of Canada.

Alan: “Your name used to be Robert Paulson…”

Me: Oh, they get their name back when they die. If you ever see a grave with somebody’s name and then George in brackets…

Alan: You should get your government to do a heritage moment about this. It would be really popular. Sweet footage of dudes falling through the ice.

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