Angry Shakespeare says, “Who do you think you are?”

Today I gave a poetry reading (Science, Sonnets, and Speculation) at the Main Branch of the Nashville Public Library along with Mary Alexandra Agner (The Scientific Method; The Doors of the Body) and Peg Duthie (Measured Extravagance). I read three long poems from The Glaze from Breaking. We had a wonderful turnout of about two dozen people, including people who are were strangers to all of us (always exciting at a poetry reading).

The library had a Shakespeare exhibit in the room, so Peg started with her poem “Practicing Jump Shots with William Shakespeare” (an early version of which is discussed here); other poems she read included “The Language of Waiting” and “Deep and Crisp and Even.”

I read “Every Day 600 Miles Further from Home,” “Tighten to Bruise” and “Eights Ways to Think About Happiness,” which doesn’t sound like much but they’re long multiple-part poems so they were enough to fill my 15 minutes.

Mary read, amongst others, “Apparition” and “Sweets.” My Concord, NH friends will be interested to know she’s reading at Gibson’s on August 15th.

Alan took video of Peg & me, and then his phone crapped out so I took video of Mary. In the fullness of time (by which I mean, once I’ve learned iMovie or whatever) I’ll post those on youtube.

Peg Duthie; Joanne Merriam; Mary Alexandra Agner

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