Larix laracina Anaphora” was just accepted for The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee (Texas Review Press, 2013)!

Also! My short story “Facial Deficits” just appeared in PANK 6. I’m unusually proud (some would say smug) about this story, which is about a woman who gets a face transplant. It’s not one of my speculative stories—this is a real surgery, though very few of them have been done (two, in the USA, when I was researching the story). My day job is in academic otolaryngology, and I happened to be asked to escort one of the doctors involved in the first Cleveland Clinic surgery when he was visiting our campus to give a talk, and I asked him about it (some would say grilled) and then did a ton of research at PubMed and ended up condensing all of that into maybe 300 words in the story.

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