a multitude of daggers

My ebook “A Multitude of Daggers” is now available on Amazon!

It’s a Kindle edition only for now. Once I finish working out the kinks for epub I’ll put that up too, and add vendors (Apple istore, B&N, etc.). I’m having a few technical difficulties with my process for epub which I expect to straighten out by November. This is by way of testing my books and the various vendors before I publish other people’s work for Upper Rubber Boot Books.

It’s a fantasy novella set in a world where the ruling class can fly and the afterlife is real—and it’s a giant therapist’s office, run by the Boatman from my short story “The Boatman” (I really need to pick less obvious titles sometimes) and Greek mythology. A half-blind goddess with a devilish sense of humour basically effs up the life of another goddess’ acolyte to try to avert the war that’s brewing people the people who can fly and the people who can’t. The first 2 1/2 chapters are available for free in the “look inside this book” feature.

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