The Magazine of Speculative Poetry

I just received my copy of Autumn 2005’s The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, which contains three of my poems, plus Duane Ackerson, Mike Allen, Ruth Berman, Lisa M. Bradley, Jennifer Crow, Yoon Ha Lee, Kurt MacPhearson, Drew Morse, John Nichols, Kathryn Rantala, W. Gregory Stewart, Sonya Taaffe, roibeárd Uí-neíll, s.c.vitres and Rick Yennik. My favourite is Bradley’s “Why the Mexican Peso is Recovering and Officials from la Secretaria de Hacienda Y Crédito Público Are Knocking on my Door, with a Letter of Thanks.” If that title doesn’t make you want to pick up this magazine, I can’t think what would.

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